Weight loss in Dubai

weight loss in dubai

Let’s begin where we left off. Call +971 52 549 5094 In various places on the body, fat builds up and over time transforms into tenacious fat cells that won’t go away. When diets and exercise fail to effectively eliminate such resistant fat cells, you may need a little extra assistance from surgery or non-surgical body sculpting procedures.

Health Evaluation

A thorough evaluation form will be provided to you to complete when you visit our facilities. This is intended to assist us in gathering comprehensive information about your eating practices, lifestyle, and present state of health so that we can develop a plan to assist you in losing weight loss in Dubai.

Your Respective Body Composition Metric Measurements

The staff at our Dubai weight loss clinic will then measure your individual body composition using technical and scientific methods. This comprises evaluations of your weight, body fat percentage, and muscle mass in different parts of your body.

Extensive Consultation for Weight Loss

Afrofit Club weight reduction specialists in Dubai will go over your objectives and lay out what you hope to accomplish in a specific amount of time. All of this is done while taking into account your lifestyle, eating patterns, preferences, and available exercise time.

Individualized Diet Plans

Afrofit Club create diet regimens that are entirely customized to your requirements and interests. Diet plans can be divided into multiple meals throughout the day, high in protein, low in carbohydrates, vegetarian, or vegan.

Recipes That Are Simple to Make and a Useful Restaurant Guide

You shouldn’t fully give up on enjoying good meals just because you want to lose weight. We will give you a thorough list of local eateries and delectable recipes to make it simpler for you to enjoy eating and leading a fun lifestyle while losing weight.

Recurrent Follow-Up Meetings

Afrofit Club will also offer you follow-up consultation sessions as needed to help you accomplish a sustainable lifestyle change and guarantee that you keep those extra pounds off your body.

It’s now possible to lose a lot of weight and keep it off in Dubai.

Every single person who visits us has unique weight loss requirements and objectives. A generalized program will be completely useless. For this reason, when you visit us, you will receive access to a weight loss program that was created specifically to satisfy your needs and achieve your objectives.

At AFROFIT CLUB, we take the time to create a fully customized program that includes the specifics of your food plan and nutritional program. We will first perform a nutrition assessment before running extensive blood and DNA tests to create a program that is not only extremely result-oriented but also easily cheap. The following factors will be taken into account when we create it:

  • Current eating and living practices
  • Age
  • Hormone state
  • Level of physical activity
  • Weight history
  • Body composition
  • Stress levels
  • Living circumstances
  • Food preferences and how you feel about food.