African Fitness Club in Dubai

african fitness club in dubai

Are you are looking for the best fitness club in Dubai to continue your workout and dance routine whether you are a resident or on vacation? (Call Now: +971 52 549 5094) Afrofit Club Dubai is the right place to go, Afrofit club is the first registered Afrofitness company in the United Arab Emirates to reach astonishing success. We provide the best personal training sessions, serve customized workouts to suit all fitness goals, and authentic Afro Dance classes for all levels, to all our members and non-members.

Our goal is to help people build healthy habits through Afro Dance, Personal training, and bring African diversity to the UAE.

The mission of our company is to create a community where people can share their passion for fitness and afro music while having fun during their working out.

The vision of AFROFIT CLUB is to create a new concept of working out using Afrobeat music and share the passion for Afro Dance around the world.

Benefits of fitness club

This enables a regular and balanced workout program that includes a variety of activities to suit your needs. We are always there to help you kick-start your fitness journey. If we exercise regularly then we get physical and mental
benefits. Exercising will help in losing weight, and also helps in performing mental tasks. Stimulates various brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Afrofit Dubai group classes

You get many options while working out in a fitness club. For example, if you like to exercise with others, there are classes for groups that you can enjoy. Through this, you can learn more and feel comfortable and you also get friends.

Activities and Equipment in the Fitness Club;

Few factors to consider when you are choosing our fitness club:

Our training sessions are tailored to meet your individual fitness goals – for example, personal training, aerobics, free weight, group, and private Afro classes.

We provide personal training sessions in our partner gyms, at home, or anywhere anytime.

Support and Staff at Afrofit Dubai Fitness Club

We have professional staff with appropriate education and all our trainers are certified and insured.

Factors to consider include:

We have the appropriate training and certification that is recognized by the fitness industry. Our trainers take care of your health conditions and also make sure we meet your needs.

We provide you 24 hours assistance for all your inquiries. We provide a comfortable environment for you.

The different levels of other members will increase your spirits during our group sessions. The music and ambiance will give you more energy which will make your day.